Monday, August 29, 2011

Helen Keller

After reading the narrative of Helen Keller, I gained so much more respect for her.  Sometimes you have to take a step back and realize how hard her life actually was.  Having to deal with the horrible disability of being blind is hard enough.  Trying to function in a world where you can't see what is given to you and can't hear it's name or any instructions about it is extremely difficult.  She has accomplished a feat that many people in this world can't and won't be able to ever and because of that she has gained so much respect from me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


     My name is Peter Vaccarella and I am a senior at Thomas Worthington HS.  The long road through public education has almost come to an end for me and it seems like it started just yesterday.  for grades k-6 I attended Worthington Park Elementary School.  It was there that I got my first glimpse of the "real world" by  interacting with other classmates and seeing everyone views on the world.  Even though it's arguable that all little kids want is to be entertained and that they have no real views here or there, but what most people don't realize is that elementary school is what builds a personality in a person.  It is there that you make your first friends, learn your basic subjects, and experience something completely new and wonderful, also known as school.  In the fourth grade I got involved in lacrosse and from there on I loved it.  Ever since my first game I've always wanted to keep practicing and get better.  Elementary school is just the beginning though; the next big challenge is middle school.
      Middle School was a fun experience for me.  I started meeting a bunch of new people and  my social life exploded.  It wasn't just good for my social life though.  The new atmosphere in the bigger school was a big change too.  The idea of switching classes every hour was a huge difference then just having one teacher you see all day every day.  Not only that, but having to go to my locker to get books in between classes and not being late was all to much for me at the time.  As all things do though, I adjusted to the different atmosphere and in no time I was more comfortable then ever.  Middle school was also the first time I participated in a team sport.  Before then all sports were was an unorganized group of kids just out to have fun.  Middle school was a lot more competitive and it called for a lot more teamwork.
     Finally, I entered high school.  My sister was a junior at the time so she helped me out and showed me around a couple of times before school started, but it was a crazy new experience.  In high school kids start to show extreme individuality.  I luckily have been hanging out with the same people since elementary school and we all seem to like the same thing so I never had to find my way into a "clic".  All of high school has gone by so fast and now I'm a senior trying to live it up as much as possible.

Types of Arguments

Yesterday I went out to eat with a bunch of buddies.  The favorite choice for food was McDonalds, which I know isn't very healthy.  I described to my friends how disgusting the working enviorment is there and it changed their outlook on eating out.

Since I have become a senior in high school, I've started to feel like more of an adult and believe that I should be given more rights.  One topic I've thought of is lifting my curfew on the weekends.  I figure since I get good grades and because overall i'm a pretty good kid that I should get more freedoms.

In one of my classes we are discussing different political parties and what arguments the oppose and agrue upon.  All of the agruments they go through with the other parties spark knew ideas and opinions.  This is what makes our country so diverse in the fact that there is always an opposing argument to a subject.

Make Decisions-
I was looking over my schedule and I wasn't sure if I was eligible for the upcoming lacrosse season.  I visted my school counsler and she suggested with my hard schedule that I should take an easy class to fill in the missing credit I need.

I heard some kids the other day talking about praying in school and why it should be mandatory.  He believed that in a world filled with hatred that everybody in school needs to be spiritially cleansed daily.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011