Thursday, August 25, 2011

Types of Arguments

Yesterday I went out to eat with a bunch of buddies.  The favorite choice for food was McDonalds, which I know isn't very healthy.  I described to my friends how disgusting the working enviorment is there and it changed their outlook on eating out.

Since I have become a senior in high school, I've started to feel like more of an adult and believe that I should be given more rights.  One topic I've thought of is lifting my curfew on the weekends.  I figure since I get good grades and because overall i'm a pretty good kid that I should get more freedoms.

In one of my classes we are discussing different political parties and what arguments the oppose and agrue upon.  All of the agruments they go through with the other parties spark knew ideas and opinions.  This is what makes our country so diverse in the fact that there is always an opposing argument to a subject.

Make Decisions-
I was looking over my schedule and I wasn't sure if I was eligible for the upcoming lacrosse season.  I visted my school counsler and she suggested with my hard schedule that I should take an easy class to fill in the missing credit I need.

I heard some kids the other day talking about praying in school and why it should be mandatory.  He believed that in a world filled with hatred that everybody in school needs to be spiritially cleansed daily.

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  1. 1) Glad you're going for healthy choices :)
    2) What specific stories will you use to convince your parents that you should be allowed out later?
    3)*they oppose; what are some of the arguments for each side? Details :)
    4)Haha, and is senior comp that easy class....or what decision did you make? Good luck with lacrosse!
    5)Hmmm that's an interesting argument...what's your thought?