Thursday, October 6, 2011

I say, They say; Letter from Birmingham

1. They say why are we using direct action? For example instead of marches or protestets we should try to negotiate on a fair and even solution.  King Jr wants to build tension in the public so in a way it'll force a negotiation.

2. They ask " Why didn't you give the new city administration time to act?" King Jr says the mayor is a big fan of segregation and wants to keep things the way they already are.

3. They say that the activitys in Birminingham are to crazy and it's forever changing the normal. King Jr says that if the blacks weren't segregated to start with then they wouldn't have been forced to do it.

4. They say that outsiders are coming in, while King Jr is saying that this is the only choice they have. Unfortunatly, it is a shame because of the extreme actions that need to be taken to get change.

5. Whites say that they want everything to stay the same while King Jr won't stop until everybody, no matter what race or skin color, is treated equally.

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