Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I sat and watched the sun set as the wind blew through my lucious hair.  I was looking out into the vast nothingness of the ocean, watching the sun glimmer across the water top while dolphins were jumping out of the water in a majestic fashion.  That made me start to ponder on what goes through an animals mind.  It's a mystery that even the Hardly Boys can not even solve.  How is it possible that two animals can make no noise and no noticable gesture towards eachother but still understand eachother.  For example, when two cats are walking around and for no reason start to fight eachother.  At one moment, they were just walking by, not even looking at eachother, but somehow they still begin to fight.  These are just some of the unexplanable things I think about throughout the day.


  1. GOOD- interesting story

    BAD- write more

  2. The story was very interesting. It was funny to read whatyou actually think about and how one thought can lead to another. One thing that you can improve on is expanding more on the story.